Advising clients on the relative merits of particular drug and medical device companies frequently depends on the evaluation of their human review protocols, their experimental methodology, their statistics and interpretation, and their likelihood to pass F.D.A. review. Adverse drug reactions and interactions are frequently not at all unexpected but predictable on the basis of their chemical structure. Capitalizations based on new patents and new technology represent a special problem beyond mere spreadsheet evaluation.

    This rather specialized area of knowledge is best found in a physician who has actually set up human review protocols at a major medical center, supervised them, and had to evaluate them. A legal background would be ideal in understanding the mechanics of the F.D.A. and P.T.O. review processes both with regard to new drugs and new devices.

    I am a Clinical Instructor in Surgery at Cornell Medical College and Director of the Rocin Foundation which has carried out human review protocols at The New York Hospital.  My background as a magna cum laude chemistry major at Cornell University gives me a particular advantage in the evaluation of new drugs. In addition, I am a lawyer admitted to the D.C., N.Y. and N.J. Bars who is facile with MEDLINE, LEXIS, and P.T.O., F.D.A. and financial data retrieval. Having obtained multiple patents myself, I am conversant with ways to evaluate their possible worth in the marketplace.

    As I am certain I could be of value to you as a consultant in your evaluation of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Robert L. Cucin, M.D.